Release owing to the global health crisis of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Considering the statement from the General Secretary of Sport and Physical Activity regarding the affectation of COVID-19 in the Catalan sports sector and in accordance with the Government's guidelines, almost certainly Moto Club Abadesses will have to postpone the 3 dies Trial Santigosa 2020 as a precautionary measure to minimize the possibility of contagion and transmission of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

We are working to give you all the information with the maximum certainty and promptness and, in case it is cancelled, we will try to propose alternative dates.

We are extremely sorry for all the inconveniences this would cause, especially for foreigners participants. However, the entity will not take unnecessary risks and we will extremely follow the instructions of the Government and the relevant authorities. It is an act of collective social responsibility to help overcome this heath crisis.

We look forward to communicate the final decision in the coming days.

Sant Joan de les Abadesses, March ,13th 2020