Followers and backpacker registration 2023

Registrations for 3dts 2023 followers and backpackers are opened!

There is a special accreditation for backpackers in possession of a federative license; therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between the registration of backpacker and the registration of the follower.

- The backpacker is the person who is in possession of a federative backpacker license attends a pilot participating in the race. Backpacker registration form

- The follower is the one who signs up to follow the race. Can attend, if applicable, a certain driver but  doesn't have a backpacker's licenseFollowers registration form.


The MCA provides parking for the motorcycles of the followers, this park will be an outdoor but guarded. The cost of this service will be 5 € per night and payment will be made in the career office.

The Environment Department from the Generalitat of Catalonia asks for the control over the motorcycles to avoid overcrowding and to be able to do prophylaxis to prevent the risk of transmission of biological infections through wheels and boots.