Followers 3DTS registration 2020

This year, there will be a special accreditation for backpackers; therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between the registration of backpacker and the inscription of the follower.

- The backpacker is the person who is in possession of a federative license attends a pilot participating in the race.

- The follower is the one who signs up to follow the race. You can attend, if applicable, a certain driver but you don’t have a backpacker's license.

Make this distinction before making your registration and accessing at the correct form.

The Environment Department from the Generalitat of Catalonia asks for the control over the motorcycles to avoid overcrowding and to be able to do prophylaxis to prevent the risk of transmission of biological infections through wheels and boots.

The organization considers it essential that the followers meet these requirements:

  • Current driver's license, also if you are under age (license of 74 cc or 125 cc)
  • Third-party insurance. It is the usual insurance of any vehicle. If you don't have an insurance, the company of Joaquim Valls (joaquimvalls.com) offers you the possibility of hiring it.
  • Insurance that covers personal injuries. It is issued by "Europ Assistance" and it is included in the registration fee.
  • Not be older than 65 years in compliance with a mandatory clause of the personal insurance policy.
  • The authorized followers are obliged to sign a commitment document to meet the rules set by the organization.
  • The authorized followers are obliged to wear an accrediting vest, which will be facilitate by the organization, in a visible way during the follow-up of the test.
  • The authorized followers are required to pass a daily a preventing treatment and a disinfection of their boots and wheels. In this control, the ticket for the same day meal will be delivered.
  • You can only follow the 3DTS with TRIAL motorbikes.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to make the areas of 3DTS.
  • The followers are the only ones responsible for the possible damages that they may suffer or that they may cause to third parties.

So to be able, to participate as a follower, you must present:

  • Motorcycle third party insurance
  • Commitment document signed

* Commitment document (Download PDF)

 Both documents must be sent, before April 1st, to the following e-mail address: staff@motoclubabadesses.com

If the required documentation is not submitted within the established period, the registration will be cancelled and the amount will be returned with a surcharge of 35%.

The organization remarks that:

The Mossos d’Esquadra, the Policia Local and the Forest Officials can earful the non-authorized followers that follow the competition and also those ones who violate existing the rules or leaving the circuit marked. The competition runs through a circuit with open sections to traffic and the Mossos d'Esquadra can ask at any time for all the documentation, therefore, it is important to always carry it with you.

Finally, inform that the MCA provides parking for the motorcycles of the followers, this park will be an outdoor but guarded. The cost of this service will be 5 € per night and payment will be made in the career office.


Followers must register from March, 9th through our website and pay the provisioning service, refuelling and insurance.

  • DAY 1: € 58 (one meal + a day refuelling petrol + insurance)
  • 2 DAYS: € 95 (2 meals + a day refuelling petrol + insurance)
  • 3 DAYS € 120 (3 meals + a day refuelling petrol + insurance)


Followers registration form 3DTS 2020

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Do you have motorbike driver licence for participate in 3DTS 2020?(*)

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If you do not have motorblike driver license or Do you not have insurance to cover the damages to others, you can not participate to the 3DTS.

Do you have one insurance to cover the damages to other people?(*)

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