3DTS 2019
April 19th, 20th and 21st

March, 11th: Opening of the registration period for the backpacker or followers

Registrations are open to participate as a backpacker (with a license) or as a follower in 3DTS 2019!

This year, there will be a special accreditation for backpackers, therefore, it is necessary to differentiate between the registration of backpacker and the inscription of the follower.

- The backpacker is the person who is in possession of a federative license attends a pilot participating in the race.

- The follower is the one who signs up to follow the race. You can attend, if applicable, a certain driver but you do not have a backpacker's license.

Make this distinction before making your registration and accessing at the correct form.

More information and registrations at the side banner. 

Team registration form

Below you will find the link to be able to sign up as a team. This year, groupings will not be attended, it is essential to access the form and sign up as a team. This will give contiguous numbers and guarantee the joint race start.

Keep in mind that the team registration is for 3 pilots. You can sign up for two pilots but the team will not score or classify for the team trophy.


Just a reminder:

Foreign riders must present, along with the rider's license, the "start permission" letter from the motorcycle federation of the country of origin, in which the authorization of said federation to participate in the 3DTS 2019 must be stated, indicating the EMU code of the race (EMN: 40/286). The letter of authorization must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before April 12th 2019.

Registration closed!

Many thanks to everyone!

On Friday, February 15, will be the raffle for the allocation of places. As soon as possible the acceptance will be notified to the interested and it will open a new payment deadline for formalize the registration!

The registration period for the 48th edition of the ‘3 Dies Trial Santigosa’ will open on January, 21th 2019

The registrations for the 48th edition of '3 Dies Trial Santigosa', that will take place in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, on April, will open on January 21th, 7 p.m.

The registrations will be made through the Moto Club Abadesses website, following the usual procedure. As of the date indicated, the application form will be available at www.motoclubabadesses.cat. Registrations won't be accepted by any other means.

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