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The closing date for entries
is January 24th


Method to carry out the inscriptions:

In order to maintain quality and environmental sustainability of 3DTS, the maximum number of pilots for this year will be 200 pilots and registration procedure is as follows:

The registrations have to be done by the entry form available in our website

Registrations will not be accepted by any other way.

The first 100 correctly enrolled riders (properly completed registration form and payment by credit card rights) will receive an email confirmation and will have a guaranteed participation for the 3DTS 2022. Registrations received incorrectly or not paid will not be considered.

When we exceed the first 100 registrations, from then on, they will remain on a waiting list.

On 28th January we will make a raffle for the waiting list riders. Moto Club Abadesses will inform by email to the riders who have obtained a place for the race. These will be accepted once they have made the payment before February 7th by debit or credit card. Drivers who do not make the payment within the prescribed period will lose the right to participate.

No registrations will be accepted after the deadline.

Groups of 3 pilots can be made for the race. For request the groupings, it is imperative to request through the web form, before March 14. Applications from groups will not be processed in any other way.

After this date, the list of entries will be published and sent to the participants.

Entry fees:

Entry fees are €250. Youngsters categories (juvenile and Cadet) have a reduction with a final cost of €195.

Inscriptions involvements:

30 daily sections (90 sections in total) 1 commemorative T-Shirt of the race. Daily lunch and refuelling.

The race magazine and a sticker.

In the case that a rider who has paid the registration fee cannot attend the race, the registration fees will be returned with a penalty of 20% if the rider notify us before March 21.

After this date the surcharge will be 50%. In the case of a justified cause, showing accrediting documentation, the full amount of the inscription will be returned by deducting only bank charges.


Minimum age of participants: Riders born before 01/01/2012 are admitted. Riders born in 2012 o subsequent years will NOT be admitted.

All riders with the corresponding T.R. license, of the current year and on which no penalty has been incurred, will be admitted.

The official classification of 3DTS is the so-called "absolute" in which all participants take part equally, regardless of their category.

  • Juvenile - born in 2011, 2010 and 2009
  • Cadets - born in 2008, 2007 and 2006
  • Junior - born in 2005, 2004 and 2003
  • Senior - born between 01/01/2002 and 31/12/1987
  • Veteran A - born between 01/01/1986 and 31/12/1972
  • Veteran B - born in 1971 or earlier
  • Women*
  • Classics
  • Electric Motorcycles*

- There are no categories for c ylinder capacity

(*)Women and Electric Motorcycles categories will also score in their corresponding age category.


Electric motorcycles will be accepted, regardless of the score in the category called "Electric motorcycles" and will also be scored in the “absolute” classification and age category of the rider.

Licenses admitted to participate in the trial

All riders in possession of any of the following licenses may be participating:

Spanish riders:


Foreign riders:

Riders must present, along with the rider's license, the "exit permit" letter from the motorcycle federation of the country of origin, in which the authorization of said federation to participate in the 3DTS 2022 must be stated, indicating the code of the race (EMN: pending ). The letter of authorization must be sent to staff@motoclubabadesses.com, before April 5th.

Unlicensed drivers (Spanish and foreign):

Riders may participate through a single trial social license, which has been issued with the help of the Catalan Motorcycling Federation (FCM). This license does not include r epatriation in case of accident.

In all cases it is imperative to present the valid license on the day of the administrative checks.


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